Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Hurray for Allison!

A big thumbs up to Allison Hendee, a fifth-grader at Marion Intermediate, who donated her hair to "Locks of love," which takes donated hair and gives it to children who have lost much or all of their own hair because of illness or treatment.

Allison had her hair cut in front of the large crowd at Marion Tuesday night for a talent show held for Relay for Life.

Allison's mom died of cancer last year, which gave her donation special meaning on this night.

All the talented students performed well -- it was a great night for a great cause!


Anonymous said...

Well, that is a wonderful thing to do Allison.

My comment is directed to Skip Foster. Let's see, you are Chief and Commander of printing Editorials and now you have a BLOG.......... so you've got the monopoly on what reader's who pay good money to The Shelby Star. You've got it made - a blog and you still only publish one or two editorials every now and then in your paper.

Kudos to someone who has all the power and little insight.

Skip Foster said...

Thanks for your comments and for participating in my blog.