Monday, July 17, 2006

The Star gets some ink, er .... pixels

Steve Buttry, of the American Press Institute, wrote a column on API's web site about The Star's innovations. I'd be interested in any comments on his column.

It is very interesting to see and hear the responses of industry folks to the things we are doing. You might be surprised at how few papers have on-line video, blogs, etc.

Even some television stations have yet to feature video on their web sites!


Xiane said...

My first thought when I read the article? How could someone who is so proud of being involved with journalism and newspapers for longer than you have make so many mistakes in his writing?
... but of course, that's the writer in me talking.
Getting back to the actual content of his article, good for you! You've made some people sit up and take notice of how you're changing the face of journalism, and that's a good thing. The world is not static, and journalism MUST change to keep up with the world. One of the things I've really appreciated about this local paper is the level of involvement you let the citizens of this town have. If it shakes up the people who struggle against change, then all the better.

Anonymous said...

Quality is more important than the benefits and utilization of technology. Video over the web is no big deal, neither are blogs. But, to give you credit, most backwoods newspapers are yet to embrace the technology. The nice features of this newspaper would be much more appreciated if the content had less spin and more substance. First step to a better newspaper is to scrap Hays. Skip, you can hire better!