Thursday, August 24, 2006

This could be trouble

While Debbie is harmlessly spinning in the central Atlantic and posts no threat to land, a tropical low that has not even reached depression status is a much more real threat. Check out this satellite loop. The system is just entering the far eastern Caribbean. A NOAA aircraft will investigate the system today. The Caribbean is highly charged with warm water and if this system forms it could grow explosively. Long range models indicate that the system could very well enter the Gulf of Mexico sometime the week before Labor Day. Watch this one closely.


Anonymous said...

I think turning 40 made you a little rusty on weather forecasting you missed the target on Ernesto. Keep trying

Skip Foster said...

Missed the target? Hmmmmm. Where in there did I even make a forecast??????

(Plus, tropics stuff is just a bonus, it's the white stuff I really care about)