Thursday, September 21, 2006

Hard to resist

We had two stories in today's paper on the man who stopped to help victims of a major wreck, then drove the ambulance to the hospital when asked by an EMS worker or firefighter. The second story focused on how Ben O'Brien came to be driving the emergency vehicle.

As we talked about the story it sounded just like a "Holiday Inn Express" commercial.

"When O'Brien drove up to the emergency room, a nurse asked: 'Are you really an ambulance driver?' O'Brien responded: 'No, but I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night.'"


Anonymous said...

Just think if this stuation had turned out differently.

A well intentioned passerby stopping to help--

The passerby wrecking the emergency vehicle killing everyone inside including himself.

Version #2

Passerby drives emergency vehicle to hospital but stops at store for a sundrop and pack of marlboro lights. Victim dies from injuries.

Version #3

Passerby drives emergency vehicle to hospital but stops by house to show maw maw. Victim dies from injuries.

Shelby would make headline news around the country. I'm sure it would add to the great image Shelby already has.

stump said...

i sure am glad it wasnt you that came a;long and was asked to drive imay have died