Thursday, December 07, 2006


My middle child's musical was at Jefferson Elementary Tuesday night. I grabbed the video camera at work and took some video for our web site. I'm not very good, but tried to get lots of faces in.

Anyway, we promoed today on 2A and, by sheer coincidence, the still frame we picked had my son's picture in it.


I have a rule here that my children should not appear in the paper unless there's no way around it (clearly, there WAS a way around it this time, although the person editing the video didn't know it was my son and then the others who handled that page didn't notice).

Should this bother me, or do I need to chill?


Anonymous said...

Chill, Skip! Nobody thinks you put your kid's pic in the paper...and if they do, let 'em eat cake!

Anonymous said...

Foster Give me a break! You put everyone else in the paper why not the kids!