Monday, February 05, 2007

Global warming caused by man?

You may think this is no longer a question, but a fact.

Yet, the intelligensia has become so left-lurching on college campuses (where most so-called research is currently conducted) that I am dubious of any claims generated from this arena.

Which is why when I stumbled on this column today, I wasn't surprised one bit.


Paige said...

My husband, while no PhD, is truly a thinker (unlike his bride, who tends to believe everything she reads...). He's been telling me for years now that the global warming issue was a smoke screen. More than a few times in our ten-year marriage, he's proven himself to be a pretty smart cat. I can't wait to email him this link...

Thanks for posting. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Skip. I read that article that you posted and I really cannot believe you posted that. The author of that piece, the so-called "Doctor," offered no factual evidence to support his claims and I can't believe you would cite it as proof that global warming doesnt exist. The whole article is him whining about how no one listens to him, and yet he offers no scientific evidence to back him up. The only remotely scientific thing he said in the whole piece was:

"These climate changes are well within natural variability and explained quite easily by changes in the sun."

This is of course no scientific proof. Where are the numbers? Where is the data? He provides no evidence against the theory of global warming.

And then he goes and says Michael Crichton doesn't believe in it either. This is the author of the book about a dinosaur theme park.

Shame on you, Skip, for using such a horrible piece. Show me some numbers that back up your claim and I'll believe you. And you may be right about how there is no global warming. But that still doesnt mean pumping CO2 into the atmosphere is good; there are many more adverse effects of pollution. And then there is that little hole in the ozone (that really is there). But until you provide some numbers (since they don't lie, unlike some doctors and newspapers), I'll continue believing the rest of the scientific community.

Mark said...

So tons of scientists are risking their careers advancing a theory based on politics?
You know how ignorant you sound?
Do you reject all science that comes from the left leaning campuses?