Thursday, March 08, 2007

Star featured in Washington Post

I think our move away from the paragraph was a little oversold, but otherwise, it's flattering to be mentioned in a major publication such as this.


Anonymous said...

Skip - Our family moved away from our adopted hometown of Shelby one year ago and rarely a day goes by that I don't read the Star online. Thank you so much for a great job of keeping us out of towners in the Shelby loop. I must be getting older because the obits are the second thing I click on!

Best wishes in your new position.

Susan DuBose
Greenville, SC

CCcitizen said...

Being forced to move from Cleveland County because of all the corruption in the courts by the lawyers, judges, and magistrates, and your publications of several years ago, I believe being banned from your message board is a violation of our first amendment rights. If really believed in First Amendent rights for all citizens, you - Skip- would allow anyone to post on The Star message board. You need to practice what you preach about ethics, Skip.