Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Think universal health care is a good thing?

You won't if you do any research. This column by 20/20's John Stossel shines a light on the "great" systems in Canada and England that folks like Michael Moore, John Edwards and Hillary Clinton want to bring to America.

Why anybody would think the government could do a better job with health care than the private sector is beyond me.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry; the American public is not going to buy into any system fraught with the abuses Mr. Stossel outlines--no matter who gets elected.
I guess that leaves me out in the health care cold, unable to cough up the $1600 monthly premium Blue Cross would charge to insure me, and having no option except throwing my family into destitution should I become seriously ill.
In that case, I would hope that a merciful God would take me quickly, so that at least my family would not suffer.
The "every man for himself" world to which you right-wingers would return us wasn't so great when we had it.

Satchmo1 said...

"every man for himself" ?

Better that than to use goverment's monopoly on force to insure you. That is not freedom. Using your needs as a dagger held over the heads of your neighbors- robbing them of their funds that they need to use for themselves and their families is wrong-flat wrong.

The system is broken- no doubt. But it is better to address the real issues rather than to opt for supposed government solution. Watch Stossels expose on 20/20. Read his column. He destroys Michael Moore in this one- and offers a better alternative. Paying the MD outright for simple stuff like physicals and minor issues- but saving insurance for catastrophic health problems.

Rather than using government to "solve" everything (do they reall sovle anything?) we should actually allow the free market to work.

Anonymous said...

That was a good response to my post, Satch. I think you hit on something when you pointed out the overuse of insurance to pay for run-of-the-mill doctor visits, etc. The catastrophic-only approach is worth a look.
I'm not out to "rob" anybody. All I want is a chance to buy health insurance for just such catastrophes at a SOMEWHAT higher rate--maybe double rather than seven-fold. Blue Cross seems about ready to agree to something like that--if a financing method is found. (The same people who collected mounds of premiums from my employer and me in the years when I was working and used health care providers hardly at all.)
Just so you know, I'm no deadbeat.
We've paid as much as $15,000 a year in various income taxes at another time in our lives--a lot of which went to the medical care of other people. I never complained--then. But now that I might be boxed out of needed care that I still help purchase for others, well, something is very wrong with this picture!

Anonymous said...

Oh ye that are so quick to condem every plan that comes along.

Why don't you present your plans to get us out of this mess.

I would assume all of you that condem government plans have lots of money and can get health care anywhere you wish. Those that can't are just left to suffer...that's always an excellent plan!!

Satchmo1 said...

I told you the plan. pay out of your pocket directly to doctors for minor issues and regular checkups. Be insured for the catastrophic issues. This was presented by Stossel in his 20/20 show.

Also, doctors can help to by pulling out of the traditional systems. They showed a doctor who works it out with the patients directly- bypassing insurance.

Think about the health issues that insurance won't pay for, like lasik eye surgery. Because of competition, the price of that has gone down, and the technology has improved.

The same could happen with healthcare.

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