Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Parents of UNC students -- beware

This article in this month's Carolina Journal paints a scary picture of the kind of indoctrination being practice by far too many college professors.

Also, read how this conservative UNC student found her grades suddenly improved when she started espousing anti-conservative rhetoric.

It's a shame that the open-mindedness and inclusiveness that used to be a halmark of liberalism is being replaced by a type of brainwashing and intolerance that is really just plan scary.

From bogus "hate" speech codes (which are really just designed to suppress other-than-far-left-wing thought) to professors (see link further down in this blog) who essentially espouse that all white men are racist, college campuses have become, astonishingly, havens for the worst kind of intolerance in America.

The far left -- the new far right.

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Anonymous said...

The liberalism I embraced as a college student was a philosophy of fairness and open-mindedness. I appreciate your acknowledgment on this point.

Even then, however, I saw students go "so far left they flipped back right," many becoming more authoritarian than the controlling types on the right, whom they allegedly despised. One fellow student called for mandatory abortions for people who would not "stop at two" in having children--even if they were able to support them financially.

Much of the limits on academic freedom back then were imposed or suggested by conservatives, such as the state's Speaker Ban Law; but we expected that sort of idea from the right-leaning types. It was a shocker to realize that controlling behavior occurs in radicals of all philosophies.

I'm still a liberal, and to me that means evaluating information and coming to my own conclusions. I get some strange looks when I state my beliefs that numerical quotas in public-sector employment and education violate the letter of the law and the spirit of fairness, or when I endorse SAFELY_HANDLED nuclear power as a legitimate energy source, or when I support sure and firm sentences as a deterrent to crime (though not the death penalty).

It seems that the first act of any dictator is the suppression of a free flow of information. The liberals who engage in this action disgrace the tradition from which they--supposedly--sprang.