Tuesday, March 29, 2005

today's paper

1A: Very strong front page today. We're off to a good start in a week
where we have so many folks on vacation. Today, I doubt readers even
noticed our dwindling numbers. Excellent writing, Megan, on the Bridges
obit story. Good drop hed with that story. I like the extended cutline
with the Bridges picture, although "sits" needed to be "sat." Excellent
centerpiece on the housing. I like the "Star special report" tagline. Nice
use of white space to let the package breathe. Terrific graphic, Lindsay.
Only complaint --- as I brought up in the budget meeting, I can't tell
where the three police zones begin and end. I also really like Megan's
lead on the Angel unaware story. Also, nice clean refer boxes at the
bottom. Good to add the school to the Teacher of the Week.

2A: Good use of art on the housing jump. Chad -- instead of that long
address that nobody's going to type in, shouldn't we just send them to the
web site and have a section for "links from stories" or something???

3A: Those Schiavo signs are something else. Normally I don't like
protester art, but that works.

9A: Interesting page here -- I like the Space Station package.

1B: WINNING HEADLINE: "Funks spunk leads to ..."

9B: Good full report on the earthquake.

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