Monday, July 18, 2005

Car safety concern

Has anybody read anything about the dangers of the easy opening van side doors, popularize by the Honda Odyssey? We were scared out of our wits to find that our 3-year-old had opened the van door and climbed in while we were all outside playing/working in the yard. As you probably know, if you can just pull the handle back, the door will open.

After disciplining him and explaining it to him, we vowed to lock the car doors everytime we came home.


P Timer said...

Thanks for mentioning this. My husband & I have a Ford Windstar with one automatic sliding door. It never occurred to me that my youngest child could become trapped inside on a hot day. Much appreciated!

Steve Williams said...

Not sure which Odyssey model you are referring to but late model Hondas are equipped with child safety locks, which, when engaged, prevent opening the sliding doors from inside. These are common features on most any sedan as well.

Check your owners manual to be sure or look inside the door jamb area or front of the sliding door for the little lever that disconnects the inside opener.