Thursday, July 14, 2005

Time to reduce scope of the federal judiciary?

In this column, John Leo argues that federal judges, includings the Supremes, have literally changed the face of the American republic through legislating, rather than interpreting the law.

I think a case can be made that this new judicial activism as thrown out of whack the checks and balances on which our republic was built.

What could be done about that, I wonder?

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Ted Burr, NEWSSHARE, Shelby, NC said...

Your commentary selection for the 07/22 edition of the Star -

Thomas Sowell's July 20 2005 column" Calculated confusion" link: an excellent choice to address the issue you raise ... of how to reduce the scope of the Federal judiciary.

It is an excellent choice because Sowell's commentary provides an opportunity for your local readers to become better educated on what judicial activism is and what it is not (i.e. Judicial activism is what occurs whenever any court or judge [state or Federal] exceeds the scope of their authority as stipulated in the constitution of that state or of the Federal Government. Judicial activism occurs whenever any court or judge creates law(s) on the basis of biases rather than interprets law(s) created by the duly elected representatives of the people)

It is an excellent choice because in revealing how these dishonest liberal leaders are now deliberately trying to confuse the definition of a judicial activist judge, Sowell also succeeds in exposing their liberal agenda - an agenda which is NOT to reduce the scope of the Federal judiciary, but on the contrary, an agenda that would actually INCREASE the scope and reach of the Federal judiciary .... by giving our "judicially oppressed" Nation MORE judicial activists judges.

If these liberal leaders were again to succeed in duping the American public through their seductive tactics by changing the defintion of what judicial activism is, then a precedent will be established whereby judges preferred by liberals would continue to promote the liberal ideology which is basically: Government knows best ...and bigger Government is always better!

Woe to us all, if the American public doesn't wake up and become better informed. The public has the opportunity to wake up by seeking out new sources of news and information which fair and balanced .. where truth and accuracy are central to what is being reported. Conservative news on the Internet and conservative talk radio are excellent ways of escaping the mind-numbed robots that follow after the mainstream media.