Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Too funny

I saw this picture on The Drudge Report.

It speaks for itself.

Tee hee.


Anonymous said...

There is nothing funny about the war in Iraq.
There is nothing funny about 2,800+ Americans dead.
There is nothing funny about a president too stupid to realize his mistakes.
And there is nothing funny about a newspaper editor who is so partisan that there is nothing he won't laugh at.

Skip Foster said...
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Skip Foster said...

I'm glad the troops actually fighting the war overseas realize that there is always room to find the humor in things.

They obviously disagree with your assessment. I will defer to them on the matter.

As for being partisan, given that I am not registered for either party and routinely criticize (and support) policies from both major American parties, maybe you can elaborate on that.

Anonymous said...

I rhink this was fitting! Kudos to our troops in Iraq who apparently have more of a sense of humor than some of us safe at home!

Anonymous said...

John Kerry was a traitor to the troops in Vietnam. He called us murders and told lies to congress for his own personal gain. Now he has called American troops stupid and has compared them to terrorist. Some needs to buy him a ticket to France, one way of course. But then since he marries only rich women, I guess he could use her money to buy it himself since he is so dissatisfied with America.

Anonymous said...

I only wish I could hug those guys that did this. I bet Kerry was fit to be tied after these brave men fought back with wit that Kerry will never have. It's time someone stands up for these great, brave men. John Kerry, in my book, is a traitor as is a great many of his leftist comrades. We are fighting over there, so we won't have to fight over here. What in the world is so hard to understand about that. Make no mistake, we stayed on the offense during the cold war for the same reason. Although the way the two wars are fought are totally different, the principle remains the same. If we had insolated ourselves after WWII, the communist powers of the world would have made the cold war hot by bringing it to our very doorstep. These anti-Iraq war people will be looked upon by history in the same light as Neville Chamberlain who didn't see Hitler as a threat. I only hope that our current veterans will not deal with the treatment our brave Vietnam era vets did courtesy of un-American people like John Kerry who returned to tell lies about our brave fighting soldiers. Hooray for our troops and the forsight of leaders who see the future threat and are taking it head on.

Rusty Shackleford