Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Dems planning "Google bomb?"

I saw this on a story idea blog I frequent called Al's Morning meeting.

He was pitching a story about Democrats launching a "Google bomb" right before Election Day.

What is a Google bomb? Here is a primer, but basically it means placing the most negative stories possible at the top of Google searches on Republican candidates.

What will they think of next?


Anonymous said...

Nothing surprises me. They can't win in the arena of ideas, so they only have this sort of thing to fall back on.

Anonymous said...

Y'all are suckers and fools. Republicans refuse to actually debate the issues, trying to "out-cute" each other with convenient, but fallacious, soundbites. You seize on this baloney about Google Bombs and try to make something of it. Democrats win in the realm of ideas all the time if you play fair, open minded and honest, but y'all are to busy trying to be Rash Limberger wannabe's and so you sell the whole country down the river.

Go be Intellectually Lazy if you want, but do it in your own coffee klatches and leave the world alone, would ya?

Anonymous said...
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