Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Let's have fun with this ......

OK, this is it for the winter, so we're going to milk it for all it's worth.

The 18z run of the GFS is out ..

What do you think of the following two maps?

Monday evening at dusk.
Wee hours Tuesday morning.

It doesn't get much prettier than that -- more than an inch of precip -- temps look great. Plain and simple, it's yet another model run depicting an historic snow event for N.C. -- 6-12 inches.

I'm no more confident of this panning out than this afternoon -- and won't be until at least Friday, but it's hard to ignore maps that look so tasty.

I might stay up late for the 0z model runs - if so, update around midnight.


Anonymous said...

As warm as its been I think the possibility is there but I would have to say we get just a cold rain. Sorry snow myself.

Anonymous said...

We are well over due a good snowfall, so maybe it will happen this time! I am old enough to remember the time it snowed right after Easter, and I hear older folks talking about the time it snowed ON Easter Sunday many years ago.

Anonymous said...

You people are kidding right? I haven't seen one weatherman calling for snow and all the sites I check say rain with temps to warm to snow.