Wednesday, April 16, 2008

American Idol

OK, now that I'm emerging from my "another-winter-without-decent-snow" funk, it's time to start blogging again on non-meteorological matters.

One of those is American Idol -- my family's favorite show.

This year, though, it seems to me there is a big problem -- it's a one-man show.

David Cook is CLEARLY heads above the other competitors -- can you ever remember it being so cut and dried so early in the show? There are still 7 contestants, but I don't think you can make a case that any of them belong on the same stage as Cook.

None of the four girls can compete and I'm quickly tiring of "Little David" -- too much like a Mousketeer.

Anyway, Cook is the man -- if the doesn't win it'll be because America is clueless not because anyone on the show can touch his talent.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree, although "little David" is a cutie!

Paige said...

Skip, I totally agree with you on David Cook. He's just a phenomenal performer. I will say, however, that we all felt this way about Chris Daughtry. He was clearly, early on, the 'best of show.' Sure Katharine McPhee & Taylor Hicks are good singers, good performers, but to win it all? Chris' success post-Idol says it all. IMHO, David's fate will be similar (though I hope he doesn't get voted off). He has the talent & drive. It'll be fun to watch... :)