Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A remarkable profile/essay on race

This piece from the Atlantic magazine is lengthy, but very compelling. The writers followed Bill Cosby around for an extended time and has used his observations and conversation as the basis for this essay. I'll be interested in your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Foster I read this piece and you was right it was long. I don't think the writer agree with Mr. Cosby. I on the other hand do, of course my words don't mean anything because I'm white. I would like to say two things for what it's worth.
1. Blacks can also discriminate against whites. This has happen to me and my family several times.
2. Can we please stop calling black people who was born in the USA Afican Americans. If you are born in this country then you are an american.


Steve said...

This is, in fact, a remarkable essay. I'm on Cosby's side in this discussion. The writer says, "Driving Cosby’s tough talk about values and responsibility is a vision starkly different from Martin Luther King’s gauzy, all-inclusive dream: it’s an America of competing powers, and a black America that is no longer content to be the weakest of the lot."
This statement underscores the point that values and self-responsibility are the only sure way out of the trap of the ghetto. Living responsible lives may not cure racism, but the act will surely provide self-empowerment.
As the writer later states, "The result is a broad distrust of government for black progress."
Bill Cosby could be leading a life of idle luxury on a sun-drenched isle. God bless him for his devotion to blacks in America.
Steve Buckley