Monday, April 18, 2005

The REAL problem with newspapers?

This is former Durham Sun editor John Ham's answer to that question, in a column he penned recently.

I'm not sure I go as far as Ham does in blaming circulation declines on this mentality, but I sure do agree that the mentality exists.

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Anonymous said...

What about the idea that the format of the paper is out of date? In today's "every minute counts" world, no one comes home in 2005, has his wife bring him a drink, his dog brings his slippers, and he reads the read until dinner. The hunt & peck style of the paper is out of date does not support the required time for work, soccer practice, etc. The power of the internet versions of the paper is that is allows the reader to follow his/her own interest. As a result, he or she become the editor of their news which includes sources that are referenced in the story. The end result is a better understand of the subject covered and all points concerned.