Friday, April 29, 2005

Anybody else have "Cujo" for a dog?

Sometimes my cock-a-poo is the kindest most gentle dog in the world. Then, there are mornings like this morning. I was loading up my youngest for school and the dog jumped in the car. Normally I'm able to quickly shoo her out, but this time the dog WOULD NOT MOVE! It took my 15 minutes of cajoling, yelling, prodding with a broom, bribing with food, etc. to finally get her to move.

Other times, lately, she just growls or even snaps for no reason.

Any advice?


Unique Pets Sitting Service said...

Dear Skip,

I read about your problem with Cujo.

I am the owner of Unique Pets Sitting Service and have kept over 400 dogs in almost 8 years at anywhere from 5 to 120 lbs. Boy, do I have some tales I could tell you!

Better yet, why don't you come visit our facility and I'll get you acquainted with what we do.

We have many different critters of our own and also rehabilitate some small wildlife.

Come some and I may even let you feed a baby possum.

After you get through "apprenticing" with us, Cujo will be no problem at all.

Yours truly,

Yvonne Burr

Anonymous said...

Buy or borrow a cat, when cujo sees the cat he'll soon come out of the car

Frances Burr