Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Today's paper critique

1A: Nice job on "Blue Heaven -- the score and all looks good. In hindsight, the baby blue box doesn't work so well. I think some nice, clean, unobstructed white space would have had even more impact. Also, that would have bought us a precious pica or two to help get Williams' face more above the fold. The intersection of the two photos, two refers and a cutline was confusing for me. I think we needed to simplify there, probably by losing the second picture. Nice job, Joy, on the gas prices package.
3A: Good solid page of interesting and varied wire news.
5A: The pope story seems like an odd fit on this page of obits and local news. Maybe some state news instead. Also, had a story further back in the paper on Bush going to Pope's funeral
6A: Good job covering the Grover meeting -- that's a story the whole county will be interested in. In fact, this is just a really nie page. Good local news at the bottom, the reader snapshot is nice as is the Relay for Life rail. Nice job.
7A: Good package on autism, Jackie. CUTLINE: Excellent information in this cutline. Perfect.
1B: I wonder if readers will see "Blue Monday" and think we were suggesting it was something other than a good thing that UNC won? Nice use of big art, but I would have played this even bigger -- six columns with the local stuff at the bottom. It's historic and we only treated it as a somewhat-bigger-than-normal centerpiece. Good to have Star view. Also, nice hustle to get the Jolly story in while shorthanded.
10B: Had a chance to use some dramatic pope picture on this page, instead of what we did on 5A.

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