Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Doesn't hold water ...

It's amazing to me how scientists go out of their way to try and demonstrate flaws in Christianity or other religions. Check out this ridiculous story.



Anonymous said...

That is pretty pathetic. I often enjoy science, but their blatant attempts to undermine Christianity make it difficult to avoid being offended. I have no began to take much of what I read or see on television with a grain of salt. It's usually pretty obvious when these athiest are trying to push their clandestine views.

FearTheFrail said...

...isn't this typical of virtually any given system of beliefs?

Followers of said belief take canonical information, and apply it to specific topics or events of high importance to other systems of belief.

Islam --> who Jesus was and why he was important.

Christianity --> Why evolution did or did not take millions of years.

Judaism --> Why eating shellfish is/is not a good thing.

Science --> Why Jesus was capable of walking on water.

Maybe this is an outrageous notion, but it seems to be an acceptable tack for those who believe in faith-based systems of belief. Is it suddenly unacceptable for science to respond in kind? Or do we see it only as outrageous as intelligent design?

Anonymous said...

Science is not responding in kind. There are many Christian scientist or "honest" scientist and I am not speaking of them. Most scientist, without proof mind you, steadily attack Christianity. It's just more proof that there is something to it, when scientist spend little time researching other religions and fire salvo after salvo at Christianity. Oh yeah, scientist after scientist are jumping on the intelligent design bandwagon as Darwin's theory appears to be on it's last leg.

Have a nice day

Anonymous said...

I also think it's pretty amazing how men of God are forced out of their positions by modern-day Sadducees, who denounce Christ-like acceptance of ostracized communities.

Skip Foster said...

Every man see himself or his allies as the Jesus figure and his opponents as Saducees. Often, that is not the case.

Put another way, Christ-like acceptance is in the eye of the beholder.