Friday, April 07, 2006

Oh deer

Like we don't have enough fun at our house ..

I get a call from my wife, who had carpool. Just after she turned toward Jefferson School off of the Cherryville Highway 6 or so deer cantered from her left (near Community Pharmacy) to her right (toward the YMCA) she slowed to a near stop, but one of them slammed into the front left of her van, denting it badly. The deer survived and scampered off into the woods.

Obviously a traumatic experience for my wife and the kids.

She called me and said my 8-year-old was freaking out a little bit. He did, however, provide a priceless moment.

As I tried to calm him down, I told him that this happens all the time and that deer are always running across the streets and stuff.

He said, melodramatically, "DAADDDD, they weren't DEER, they were REINdeer!!!!!"


Anonymous said...

Priceless! One of those moments in time when one wishes a recorder had been available to preserve the words of your child.


Anonymous said...

I hate the way you or somebody has changed to format of the Shelby Star!!!!!!!!!
It's very inefecient!!! The old setup was much easier to find the ariticles I was looking for.