Wednesday, April 05, 2006

K.. K.. K.. Katie

The big talk in the media world today is about Katie Couric jumping to CBS to take over the CBS Evening News.

1) Will you watch her?
2) Will you keeping watching Today?
3) Think all of this is overblown?

My answers are:
1) Probably at the start, out of curiosity, but not over the long haul
2) I prefer GMA anyway
3) YES!


Anonymous said...

1) I work nights.
2) I sleep mornings
3) Who's Katie Couric?

Anonymous said...

Unless she comes to Fox News, which I doubt, I will never watch her. The major networks don't have reporters or anchors. These people are more like cheerleaders for the Democratic party or social engineers.

Anonymous said...

No, I will not watch her. Too liberal and one sided. I'll stick to Fox News.