Monday, May 02, 2005

Phony racism

Here is an interesting and quite provocative column by Steve Chapman.

Question: Howmuch real racism exists in Cleveland County? What is the hard evidence of this racism? How does one PROVE rampant community racism?


lydiecita said...

You are brave to put your blog available for all of Shelby! I hope you are doing well, and I thought I would say hi. I liked your comments on that article from the Florida Baptist Witness. I saw it a few months back and thought the same thing! Last night on the Greenville News channel there was a similar story about a church in Waynesboro that "allegedly" were revoking membership of people who voted for John Kerry. Have a wonderful week!
- Lydia Johnson (from Redeemer)

Skip Foster said...

Thanks, Lydia, for commenting and for the kudos.

The Waynesboro mess is indefensible.

Unfortunately, as you well know, censorship and suppression of opposing views is hardly something on which the "right" has a monopoly.

College campuses -- which should be a haven for free speech -- have become some of the most draconian places in the country when it comes to censorship. The "left" dresses up this censorship in the form of "hate speech codes" and the like, but this kind of suppression is just as insidious as banning non-Bushies from church.

Take care and see you on Sunday!

Ralph said...

Hey Skip

I believe that racism over the last 30 years has decreased, but not nearly as much as people would like to believe. Individuals who choose to discriminate against others based upon the color of skin, or social background , are not as "out in the open" as they once were because being actively racist is not politically correct. However, active discrimination takes place in our society, including here in Cleveland County, on a daily basis. Prejudices are more carefully concealed than before, and because of this, ironically, the effect can be just as ugly and damaging as before. All of us have to fight the bias and prejudice we often absorb from our environments, and we must actively reach out to other cultures in order to realize that we are all a lot more similar, than we are different. We have made great strides as a society to reduce the pain of racism, but, racism is still a major problem. False claims of racism do indeed occur, but, the occasional false claims of racism by opportunists should not overshadow what is still a big problem in Cleveland County and elsewhere.