Wednesday, May 11, 2005

City of Shelby violates public records law

Here is the link to today's story in The Star as well as an editorial on the issue.

My question: Are people so out of touch with government that they don't even care that major decisions involving their tax dollars are made in secret?


jrobinson said...

Nobody cares basically. Apathy rules in society - why you ask - because government has learned they can get away with anything, say one thing at election time and do quite the opposite after they are in office.

I am sickened to see all of the so-called City Council throw up their hands and say what else can we do but raise taxes. We haven't raised taxes in a long time - to that I say "HOGWASH". Each and every time property is revalued ( every 5 years ) and they don't change the tax rate, they get a net increase. Most properties go up not down.

Last year for instance - my property value increased 13%. I was suckered into believing the county/city would adjust taxes down to have a net zero effect so I didn't challenge my valuation - although it is too high. Looks like a tax increase to me!

Sorry to rant and rave, but I just can't control how much I distrust our local/state officials.

Anonymous said...

It's been our human nature since the beginning ... and it certainly will be our human tendency till the end of time to be more negative than positive.

We are prone to be judgmental, and often quick to criticize. Such behavior is "mainstream" because it is easy to criticize, anyone can do it, and one does not necessarily have to come up with any real solutions to the real problems encountered in this life.

Journalism that is highly critical of whosoever or whatsoever always has its highly critical followers and supporters.

We are pleased to see that the Council and the City staff, rather be persuaded to react to the hostile headlines and acidic editorials, have instead taken a kind and business-like approach at resolving the City's budget problems.

We are also pleased to see that the Star has toned down its rhetoric as has been demonstrated by its recent constructive fair and balanced editorial opinions such as "Shelby's Good Decisions" and "Leaders Meet the Challenge".