Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Post-EOG week

So, with EOGs in the rearview mirror, we should be getting the scores back this week -- most will pass, of course, which leads us to "Post-EOG Week." That's when the kids who did not pass get 2 weeks of intensive remediation, while the rest of the students ... watch movies?

Let's try this -- check with your child and see what SCHOOL WORK actually gets done in the last 2 weeks of school. Post (anonymously if you must) in the comments section and let's compare notes.

Who's in?


whiteoakhobbes said...

Last I heard from my third grader, at least one day they were takin' a trip to the 'Y' for an all-day bash .. er.. don't forget the swim trunks and beach ball ..

Skip Foster said...

Thanks, Whiteoak. It is amusing (or is it depressing) to hear the educrats talk about how important it is not to miss a SINGLE DAY of instruction, when this type of stuff is going on.

TwoDown said...

Not only did my third grader watch the epic "Fat Albert", he and his class also watched "The making of Fat Albert".

How about taking this time to expose these high functioning kids to art history, eastern philosophy, or something like the French Revolution.

Zette Myrt said...

Well, think about it guys -- The EOGs could be given the last week of school, but what happens to the kids who need remediation in order to pass the retest? Do you think the state is going to pay teachers to do it?