Wednesday, January 16, 2008

10:20 update: A new radar look (time sensitive)

Here is the NWS radar out of GSP. See the darker bands getting ready to hit Greenville? I think that's what "breaks though" our brick wall of dry air and brings us snow -- probably an hour or 2 away, maybe less.

Also, here is the 0z NAM snowfall map somebody requested in a comment. Still a range of 5-7 inches (8 up in the South Mountains).


Skip Foster said...

Spartanburg started out with light snow and 39 after being at 41F at about 7 p.m. -- now it's snowing and 33 with a dewpoint of 31, which means it will get to freezing soon. Then, what they call "dynamic" cooling can take the temperature down even further.

Skip Foster said...

Don't know if you saw the comment a few posts down, but someone from just east of Gaffney said it started snowing more heavily at 10 p.m. and hasn't stopped.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the map :)