Wednesday, January 16, 2008

7 p.m. update: Snow reported in Clemson, Augusta

1 inch on the ground in Dawsonville, Ga. and areas around Atlanta.

Precip having a VERY hard time overcoming our dry atmosphere -- the low dewpoints help us when it comes to getting snow instead of rain, but we lose some accumulation because it takes awhile for the atmosphere to be moistened. Don't be surprised if you check out a radar and it shows precip right over your house, but you go outside and nothing's happening -- that precip is drying up before it hits the ground -- but as that is happening, your temperature will start to drop.

Right now we're at 40 with a dewpoint of 14.


dyeguy07 said...

so whats the ideal temperature/dewpoint for it to snow?

Skip Foster said...

Not sure there's an ideal temperature -- our wet bulb is right at freezing -- I'm a little surprised it's not lower than that -- certainly is in areas near us.

Anonymous said...

so what are you saying? do you think that because the air mass is so dry we'll be unable to get the precipitation? is the temperature going to be able to drop in time?