Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Weather update: Bad trend -- ice overtaking snow as early precip-type

Very slight, subtle warming in the latest model runs -- perhaps only raising our temps by 1 degree or so -- could be setting stage for a minor to moderate ice storm.

And if the trend continues, our winter storm might become nothing more than a bone-chilling, raw, cold rain.

The latest NAM -- which has been the model of choice for snow lovers, warmed up every so slightly on its 12z run.

Yet, the difference between 30.8 and 32.3 degrees is, obviously, enormous.

Is it over? Hardly. We could still see a burst of snow to start --- maybe even an inch or two.

But it's looking more like the transition to freezing rain will be quick -- then the question is: how long does THAT last. Hopefully, the change to a cold rain will come quickly -- I don't know anybody from around here rooting for an ice storm.

Adjusted percentages coming later today.


Anonymous said...

No ice please!!!!

What's your weather models calling for next week. We have a flight out of Charlotte NEXT friday. We don't want any bad weather. Is it too early to tell that far in advance???

Skip Foster said...

A week from Friday? That's a long way off!

Email me this weekend and I can give you a better idea -- right now, all I could say is, very generally speaking, the pattern is cold and stormy.

By the way, I should have mentioned that there is a slight chance of some winter weather Saturday into Sunday -- a system taht the models dropped a few days ago, is now coming back -- still missing us to the south and east, but trending back our way.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in Shelby and moved to Pa about 2 years ago. We are always getting snow, and we are right now. I always check the Shelby Star website to see whats happening. I've been keeping up with the "Weather Update". I get people up here all the time laughing at me when it snows. A dusting to them is a snow storm to me. I will say this, you can have all the snow you want. Come and get it!!!!

Anonymous said...


It never ever snows in CC and never will again!