Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Update: Now snowing in Atlanta, headed our way

Widespread reports of snow in Not-so-hotlanta.

The final verdict on the 18Z Nam is a historic snowstorm of 6-12 inches. The 18z GFS is colder and snowier, but with less than half the total precip -- so more like 2-6 inches.

I'd be happy with any of that, wouldn't you?

Right now, I'd bank on about 4 inches of snow followed by a layer of sleet and ending as a glaze of ice, but we could get double (or half) that snow amount and it wouldn't surprise me.

You'll find all sorts of links to coverage on our home page -- if you take pictures of the storm with your cell phone or camera, send them in. Also, you'll be able to share storm reports. Finally, we'll be sending out The Star car to cover the storm.

More updates through the night!

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